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Motorsport Pedals & Handbrakes

About us

At Racingpedalboxes, we specialize in the design and fabrication of motorsport components. Our commitment to the sport and our passion for racing inspire us to create innovative products for our customers. With years of experience in motorsport, we have established ourselves as one of the few manufacturers of pedals and handbrakes. We strive to create original designs with competitive prices, making them accessible to both car enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to customize their vehicles and racing teams with prototype cars.

We are located in Amorebieta, Spain, a region known for its affinity for motorsport, particularly rally and hill climbing championships. Our local customers provide invaluable feedback on our products and designs, which helps us to stay competitive in the market. As our customers are looking to optimize their driving setup, we prioritize comfort and ergonomics in our pedals and handbrakes.

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• Design and manufacturing of pedal boxes
• Customised pedal boxes and handbrakes
• Brake sistems design for race and offroad vehicles
• Performance design of brake and clutch systems
• Performance testing and evaluation of brake and clutch systems
• Expert advice and consultation on race car setup and performance tuning
• Low and mid series manufacturing.


1. Pedalboxes: The pedalboxes are designed for maximum performance and provides a precise and secure pedal feel. It features are adjustable for optimized pedal configuration.
2. Independent pedals: Single pedals with different configurations for different types of cars.
3. Handbrakes: A range of handbrake solutions, are designed for improved braking performance and control in different motorsports cars.
4. Brake systems: Designed and manufactured for different race cars to improved braking performance in all forms of motorsports.


1. Race cars owners.
2. Professional car manufacturers.
3. Private racing teams.
4. Automotive restoration and tuning shops.
5. Automotive parts retailers.
6. Motorsport clubs, FSAE teams, etc.


Racingpedalboxes products could be used in different markets:

Motosport: The products are designed to provide drivers with the ability to control acceleration and braking in a variety of motorsport racing disciplines, including drifting cars, rally cars, crosskarts, buggies, and off-road vehicles.

Industrial: Our products could be designed for industrial vehicles like trucks, forklifts, sidecar, etc. Customers made solutions for each vehicle to be manufactured in serial productions.

Simracing: Pedalboxes could be used in racing simulation software to simulate the experience of driving a race car, a popular hobby among motorsport enthusiasts that is increasingly becoming an eSport.

Where we operate
  • United States
  • Whole Europe
  • Australia
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