Parque Empresarial Boroa P2A-4,
48340, Bizkaia
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Cabecera Ficha Socio

Hegan egiteko aukerak

About us

Politeknika Txorierri is a leading educational center in Bizkaia, located in the region of Txorierri (Derio) that belongs to the Mondragon corporation and Ikastolen Elkartea.
We offer specialized and quality training in both Baccalaureate and Vocational Training.
Professional service, aiming to develop competent people capable of adapting to a changing environment, applying innovative methodologies and based on collaborative learning.
Achieving proximity to the business world has always been one of Politeknika Txorierri’s main goals. For this reason, we have important business alliances, modern technical means, innovative projects that facilitate the insertion to the labour market and entrepreneurship through new methodologies that enhance personal and professional development.
The people working at Politeknika Txorierri are professionals committed to the environment, close to all students, families and organizations. We have great capacity to adapt to technological, social and environmental changes and enjoy participating in projects that add value to the center. We encourage the democratic participation of all sectors and transparency in all areas.

Logos ficha socios

Baccalaureate and Intermediate and Advanced Vocational Training
Focused on students and families
Business services and job training for employed and unemployed people
Employment exchange programme
Support for business start-ups, self-employment courses and mentoring in the preparation of business projects.


Regulated and non-regulated training (courses and specialisations)


Students, families, companies, associations, institutions, universities.


Training and education

Where we operate
  • Spain