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About us

We are an industrial, dynamic and innovative company, focused on the satisfaction of our customers, workers and suppliers. Our investment strategy is focused on the manufacture and commercialization of metal sintered parts under customer specifications, from iron powder, bronze and different additives (structural parts and shock absorber parts), always giving priority to quality in our processes, as well as respect and protection of the environment.

Our company is backed by a solid track record of almost 80 years of experience, accumulated in different milestones that go back to the year 1940 and that culminate with the establishment of MFS Trapaga Sintering in 2012.

We currently have a solid team of highly trained professionals dedicated to the research and development of new products and technologies, which allow us to guarantee constant innovation and continuous improvement to satisfy, in this way, the requirements of an increasingly competitive market.

At MFS, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers by constantly manufacturing products of the highest quality, always exceeding our customers expectations.

Favorable factors of our powder metallurgy:
Mechanically defined forms and good tolerances: Obtaining parts ready for assembly.
Homogeneous and optimal level of mechanical properties
High productivity
Obtaining self-lubricated parts.
Combinations and metallurgical compounds not producible by traditional technologies
Possibility of designing parts with shapes that can not be reproduced by other processes without sacrificing tolerances or including finishing operations in the production cycle.

Technical Data
Vehicle Typology by Category
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Vehicle Typology by Powertrain
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    Fuel combustion
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In-vehicle Functions
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    Structural parts and Body
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    Tires & Rims
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    Electronics & Software
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    Powder metal
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    Roll forming
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    Plastic Injection
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    Compression Molding
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    Blow Molding
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    Mechanical Joining
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    Adhesive Joining
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    Heat Treatment
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    Surface Finishing


In this department we design the new pieces by means of sophisticated computer systems, we make their prototypes, as well as the studies of the molds and most suitable treatments for them.

Productive process

MES system integrated into the ERP: thanks to which we can know, at all times, the state of production, quality and warehouse stocks, making it easy to track and trace each piece.


The importance of the tools in our process has led us to apply the latest technological advances from its conception to its manufacture and control; CAD / CAM systems, CNC machining, electroerosion by penetration and wire and three-dimensional measuring machines, allow us to control their quality.


Our modern laboratory consists of advanced equipment and specialized personnel in its mechanical and metallurgical metrology sections. The heart of our pieces is composed of compacted powders; this is the reason for our concern for the composition, structure and treatment most suitable for the piece.

Storage and Logistics

Once the product has been manufactured, it is properly packed according to its characteristics. All the products are rigorously labeled with barcodes, which with the help of powerful computers allow us to identify an exhaustive control of each batch and guarantee us the FIFO of our warehouses. Our complex logistics system allows us to ensure the delivery of «Just-in-time» parts around the world.

Auxiliary means

Every day, the pieces require greater mechanical and anticorrosive stresses. For this reason, there are numerous pieces that require processes of impregnation, surface coating and heat treatment or machining.


The sintering is a thermal process that allows the solidification and shaping of pieces from the mixing and compression of metal powders. The use of these powders of bronze, iron or steel is an alternative with great advantages when producing pieces at low cost and with a rigorous dimensional purpose.

In general, the sintering alternative is unquestionable whenever you want to obtain parts with the following characteristics:

With the utmost precision. Machining tolerance (IT-07), without chip start.
When their forms are complex.
When they must provide certain mechanical properties.
When your cost economy is decisive

Our products

In order to achieve a better understanding, we divide the products in their respective areas of use:

Ride control: Valves, pistons and guides.

Pumps: rotors and washers.

Safety and Airbag: miscellanies.

Others: starter engine, braking…


MFS works with the most important Tier-1 and OEM in automotive sector.


Our main business areas are the followings:
Shock absorbers – Rod guides, valves and pistons.
Safety & Airbag parts – Seat belt
Powertrain – Stators and Pumps.