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Enhance Manufacturing efficiency with universal 3D metrology

About us

We empower industrial companies to solve complex 3D measurement challenges and boost their measuring device operation using the most innovative industry independent Our software solutions are considered the reference in industries like automotive, aerospace, transportation, energy, watchmaking and medical.
Delivering everyday the future of 3D measurement is our DNA.
For our customers, across our market, from the largest of enterprises to the smallest makers and innovators.

Metrologic Group designs and sells universal 3D measurement software solutions, electronic devices and related services. The company provides innovative industrial solutions for industrial 3D measurements and quality departments.
Metrologic Group’s solutions are designed primarily for the automotive industry, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, power generation and the medical industries…
Founded in 1980 in France, Metrologic Group is now a worldwide company with 6 sales offices and 18 certified resellers, covering more than 35 different countries.

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Retrofit of CMM.
Most CMMs rarely wear to the point of actually needing replacement.
Software upgrade or retrofit can be a cost-effective way to counteract machine obsolescence and transform your CMM by restoring its full performance. Software upgrades typically occur with CMMs under 7 years old while a full CMM retrofit occurs on machine over 7 years old.

Whether you’re looking for or to your knowledge, Metrologic Group offers several training programs to meet your discovery needs, training or specialization on Metrolog and/or Silma.
These programs were designed to meet the new needs of business training: time optimization, organizational flexibility, adaptation to the specific needs of the participants…
These sessions can be multi-company or intra-enterprise and are organized in our training centers. According to your choices and logistic constraints, our trainers can also occur in your premises.


Metrolog X4
Upscale your quality inspection now with Metrolog X4
Get a real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices and more.
Not only does Metrolog X4 architecture benefit from current computer and OS technologies significantly increasing the performances and metrology software throughput, but it also simplifies your day-to-day measurement workflow.

Silma X4
Inspect with confidence
Improve your 3D measurement experience with a winning combination: Silma X4, for advanced simulation and digital twin of your 3D measurement process, and Metrolog for on-machine execution and analysis.

The i-Robot technology is suitable for all industrial robots; it provides a production-ready metrology solution that is accurate, reliable and flexible.
i-Robot is perfectly suited for all applications requiring flexibility and productivity while providing high metrological accuracy.


We collaborate with many different customer mainly in automotive industries


Gestamp, Faurecia , Benteler, CIE, ZF, Tenneco, Lear, Valeo, Denso, Adient , MANN-HUMMEL,PLASTIC OMNIUM, MAGNA, Saint Gobain

But also in Aerospace industry


Metrologic Group started working mainly with Automotive industries and giving service to this market . It is our main target and were the most of license are installed

With our sales offices and distributors we are present in more than 60 countries mainly in Europe , USA and Asia

We are present also in other markets as Aeronautic, Industrial goods, transports and high accuracy mechanical parts

Where we operate
  • USA
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • China