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About us

ARANIA is a leading manufacturer in Southern Europe in the cold rolled high and low carbon steel, as well as high-yield strength alloyed and microalloyed steel sectors. Having the most advanced technology currently available on the market to provide a competitive product which is adapted to our customer’s needs.

ARANIA is leader in development and adaptability to the customer, being a reference in service and quality.

Our mission consists in excellence in products and services, and commitment to corporate social responsibility. We are Customer focus at all organisational levels.

The high quality demands by our customers, and our dedication to developing high precision products, have led us to implement internal management systems in the areas of safety, quality and the environment which is proved by the different certifications we have been awarded.

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Technical Data
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    Structural parts and Body
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    Blow Molding
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    Mechanical Joining
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    Adhesive Joining
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    Heat Treatment
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    Surface Finishing

ARANIA has the best facilities, guaranteeing the efficiency of the process and finished product. Our manufacturing plant in Amorebieta covers 28.000 square metres.

We have a raw material storage with a last generation automated crain. Pickling line.
ARANIA has two quarto reversible mills, with x-ray thickness measurement and laser controlled speed. Our rolling mills are High precision in thickness tolerance, based on the perfect definition of the thickness and velocity measurement systems.

Our factory has 22 bases high convection annealing furnaces in a protective atmosphere of Hydrogen (H2). The high convection system and the hydrogen atmosphere give us high uniformity in the mechanical characteristics of the material, as well as optimal surface cleanliness.

The Skin Pass is a four cylinder Mill, and integrated final gauge measurement using radioisotopes, together with the use of antioxidant thixotropic oils, and the precision surface finish working cylinders guarantee a high quality final product. We have 4 integrated longitudinal cutting lines. The automatic change of the cutting body, the detection and finishing systems of the installations enable a high quality of the final strip, combined with high cutting productivity.

Our laboratory is focussed on the needs of our customers: the different product analyses that guarantee the highest quality and, of course, the fulfillment in design specification. Innovation maintains us at the leading-edge and enables us to offer technical assistance and join development with our customers.


ARANIA offers steel with high and low carbon content , as well as high strength low alloy steel.

Thicknesses range between 0.2 mm and 8 mm, widths between 14 mm to 800 mm and external diameters between 850 mm and 2000 mm with different surface finishes.

Quality and continuous innovation mark the difference in our product.


The international suitability of ARANIA is reflected in the high export rates of our production, reaching 65% of the same in recent years. We sell our products in more than 20 countries.

Teamwork at the Commercial Department and technical assistance for customers by ARANIA enable the specific needs of each customer to be covered and oriented smoothly and effectively towards the development of new products.


A high volume of our products are destined for the manufacture of components for the AUTOMOTIVE sector.

We are also present in other important markets: electricity, furniture, industry and textile.

Where we operate
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Polen
  • Czech Republik
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Morocco
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