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The HR solutions your business needs. Discover the talent that will lead you to success.

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Leading company in Human Resources. We change people’s lives through Employment and Training, improving the performance and competitiveness of companies.

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Adecco helps organisations to improve their talent management and development, providing HR solutions through a clear and differential value proposition for every company. TALENT ATTRACTION
– We help companies to have access to the best talent, boosting their Employer Branding, reducing the selection process duration and reducing the costs associated with the recruitment.

– We identify successful candidates and match people with the organisation’s strategy, implementing learning ecosystems for the development of new skills.

– We provide a wide range of HR solutions to transform your company: organizational consultancy, job descriptions, remuneration schemes, gender equality plans, work climate surveys, etc.

– We help you with the recruitment, selection and hiring of temporary and permanent staff, providing you with the best candidates in the shortest possible time, with all the legal guarantees.

– The expertise of our teams guarantees an efficient implementation of our services, improving the productivity of processes thanks to the digitalisation and the implementation of LEAN continuous improvement methodology, always with The Adecco Group reliability.

– We work with companies to design inclusive work environments.

All HR solutions, under one name: Adecco.

Experience, knowledge and an innovative approach to talent management.


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18.000 clients


We operate in every field and specialized in the automotive sector.

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