Bilbao, February, 28th, 2024 – ACICAE welcomes BASQUEVOLT as a new partner of our cluster.

BASQUEVOLT aims to become the European leader in the next generation of solid-state lithium batteries, which will enable the mass deployment of electric mobility.

Today’s electric vehicles use conventional lithium-ion batteries, a technology developed in the 90s and widely used in smartphones and laptops. Several car manufacturers are testing a new generation technology called solid-state batteries, which promises to make electric vehicles cheaper, better and safer.

One of the most important remaining challenges of the electrification of the automotive sector is the cost-effectiveness of vehicles below the 30,000€ retail price. It is well known that in cost-sensitive segments there is currently a retail price difference of up to 70% between petrol and electric versions, mainly due to the high cost of batteries.

BASQUEVOLT aims to lead the industry by innovating new, affordable and sustainable energy storage technologies to improve the lives of people around the world.

Together we will contribute to improve the competitiveness of the automotive sector.