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Cabecera Ficha Socio

Our services help companies to fulfil their legal obligations and to improve their environmental performance

About us


The mission of LIMIA & MARTIN is to meet the needs of the Public Administration and private companies, and thereby society at large, with respect to the impact of human activities on the environment.
In order to offer its customers a service of high value added, LIMIA & MARTIN recognises the importance of providing its highly trained staff with a stimulating and rewarding working environment, excellent people and process management, and unsurpassed opportunities for continuous professional development.
Our main responsibility is to provide the guidance our customers need regarding environmental matters.


LIMIA & MARTIN aims to be known on the international stage as an organisation providing reliable, high quality environmental services of high added value.


Market awareness
Adaptability to the needs of customers and the market, actively seeking change
Ability to innovate, especially in services and markets
Ability to produce results despite the constraints of a rapidly changing legislative framework.
Efficiency and effectiveness: good use of resources, of which the most important is time
Excellent standard of internal and external reporting
Rigour in work, in terms of use of materials, methods, analysis and conclusions
Continual improvement
Team spirit

Logos ficha socios

Assistance in obtaining environmental licences and permits
Life Cycle Analysis
Environmental reports
Environmental liability
Analysis of environmental risks
Contaminated soil studies
Remediation of contaminated sites
Decontamination of industrial ruins
Sampling and characterization of wastes
Legal audits, due diligence
Environmental Management Systems


Carbon Footprint
Declaration of the quality of the soil.
Preliminary report
Baseline report
Exploratory and detailed investigations
Risk analysis
Estimation of costs relating to soil contamination
Characterization of the remaining soil
Hydrogeological studies
Excavation plans
Studies of industrial ruins.
Decontamination of industrial ruins.
Waste management final reports.
Management plans for construction and demolition waste.
Environmental Product Declaration.


International Financing Institutions (WB, IDB)
Ministries of the environment of various countries
Environmental departments of regional governments
Local authorities
Aircraft building
Food industry
Household appliances
Commercial Printing
Metal stamping
Steel making
Lime production
Tool manufacturing
Train equipment manufacturing
Waste management
Pulp and paper
Plastic products
Recovering of wastes
Glass industry


LIMIA & MARTIN has worked mainly in Spain, in the Basque Country, Castilla y Leon, Murcia, Andalucía, Valencia, Catalonia.
Also, LIMIA & MARTIN has worked in other countries, such as: Uruguay, Botswana, Lesotho, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Greece.

Where we operate
  • Spain
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