Key Points

The Basque automotive components sector is one of the most competitive and innovative. Its management levels are comparable to the most advanced in the world, with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

It is made up of 300 companies invoicing over 16 billion euros and employing over 85,000 people, 40,000 of which in the Basque Country. The specific weight of Daimler Vitoria must be added to this, producing around 135 thousand vehicles a year and with 3,000 employees.

The new AIC-Automotive Intelligence Centre can be highlighted as a unique value generation centre that enables the entire sector to cooperate in areas such as knowledge, training, technology or industrial development.






The integrality of the automotive sector is ensured through the presence of the entire value chain in a reduced area, ranging from steel companies, goods manufacturers or machine-tool manufacturers to die and machining companies, as well as universities, research centres, consultancy and engineering firms, etc.

  • - Production of 8 million tonnes of steel.
  • - 80 machine-tool manufacturers.
  • - 70 machining companies.
  • - 4 universities.
  • - 11 technology centres.

Furthermore, the Basque sector is present in all of the vehicle functions:

  • - Drivetrain
  • - Powertrain
  • - Interior elements
  • - Structural elements and bodywork
  • - Exterior elements
  • - Electronics
  • - Wheels


The automotive sector has 600 production plants worldwide, of which 284 are outside Spain, mainly in emerging markets, such as Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico or China.

  • - EUROPE
  • - NAFTA
  • - ASIA
  • - AFRICA

This international presence is allowing vehicle construction companies or first level suppliers to be accompanied in their globalisation process, offering the highest guarantee of rigour and seriousness.

On the other hand, the Basque Country has over 30 multi-national companies in the sector, with important centres of expertise that add value to the entire industry and their organisations of origin.





R & D & I

With respect to technology, 70% of the automotive companies in the Basque Country have R&D&I departments. The average percentage of turnover assigned to these activities is 5%, with strong growth foreseen over the forthcoming years.

The main areas of research focus on engines, suspension, brakes and steering. With respect to the number of people dedicated to R&D&I in the sector, the Basque Country currently employs over 3,000 people for these tasks.

Basque companies identify the need to increase the added value of their products through the increase in design capacities through diversification towards parts that are better suited to the new types of vehicles that will appear in the forthcoming years.

In this respect, companies are committed to researching new materials with improved properties in terms of conformability for their optimum industrial transformation and resistance /weight to offer improved features for their final application in the vehicle.

100% of Basque companies have ISO 9000 certification or equivalent. Around 63% are certified by a leading certification body in the sector and 51% have ISO 14000 certification.