The major automotive sector professionals have gathered at the automotive challegences conference

  • February 15th, 2018
Very important matters such as the new propulsion energy vectors and new actors in the value chain were discussed

Bilbao, 15.2.2018–– For the third year in a row, ACICAE - Basque Automotive Cluster has organised the Automotive Sector Challenges Conference with the daily business newspaper Expansión and in collaboration with the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center.

The conference aim was to bring together the Spanish automotive industry’s lead players to get to know the sector perspectives first hand and discuss some of the radical transformations which will be taking place in the forthcoming years. Aspects such as the 2018-2020 automotive sector positioning, propulsion energy vectors, and new actors in the value chain were dealt with by the specialists.

The conference was successful with a multitudinous participation with over 300 attendees, which included industrial and service companies, as well as technological centres, university faculties, engineering firms, consultancies and financial bodies.

Among the conclusions commented stand out the contributions of Mario Armero, ANFAC Vice-Chairman, who stated: ‘Without industry there’s no future. the Basque Country is a good example of industrialisation and co-operation.’ He also added that: ‘In Spain we have a treasure in the automotive industry, which must learn how to administer as other countries would like to have this. It has to decide what it wants to be in the automotive world.’

Francisco Riberas, Gestamp Chairman, commented for his part, that despite not having decision-making centres in Spain, all the country’s production plants have been maintained, thereby indicating a good level of competitiveness. Furthermore, according to Riberas, ‘the CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) vehicle horizon will become the generalised dynamic, but on a horizon 40 years’ hence, since at present there is still a great deal of uncertainty.’ He also stated that: ‘Car company outsourcing to component companies will become more common thanks to the new kinds of vehicles and technologies being developed. It’s an opportunity, which I’m optimistic about.’

The conference continued with different speeches dealing with such important aspects as electrification, new fuels, shared cars and demand for professionals.