The Basque automotive sector reports 2018 turnover totalling 19,311 million euros, a 5% increase

  • April 11th, 2019

Bilbao, 11.4.2019– The Basque automotive sector continues with its progression with 19,311 million euros in turnover reported in 2018, 5% more than the previous fiscal year. This figure does include the specific weight attached to Mercedes Vitoria.

As regards jobs, the sector is currently employing a total of 100,000 workers with 40,924 people based in the Basque Country, which, compared to the previous fiscal year, represents a minor increase of 0.2 %.

According to the ACICAE Chairman, Jose Esmoris, “although the general situation has changed in recent months due to uncertainties at a macroeconomic level, due to how diesel is being treated unfairly by new regulations and because of messages that do not portray reality properly, we expect that business will be as usual in the second half of the year”.

In this regard, he also pointed out that the sector expects further growth in 2019, over and above GDP forecasts, ranging between 3% and 5% compared to current turnover figures.

On the other hand, 90% of all sales reported in the sector are international and more than half are generated outside Europe. The sector has also commissioned new plants abroad, currently reaching 302 production facilities in 32 countries, in emerging and traditional markets.

In terms of sales, 65% goes to car builders and 33% to tier 1 suppliers, with only 2% for spares.

As regards R&D&I, Basque companies have spent 2.5% of their turnover.  With respect to training, 95% of the companies are addressing training programmes adapted to the needs of their workforce by spending, on average, 1.2% of their turnover.