ACICAE organises a number of activities to celebrate its 25th Anniversary

  • July 5th, 2018
Introducing an exhibition showcasing vehicles made in the Basque Country to acknowledge a century of business initiatives in the sector.

Bilbao, 5.7.2018 - ACICAE celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation with a number of activities in the form of lectures, an exhibition and an official dinner to acknowledge a century of business initiatives in the sector.

Presentations will address the history of vehicles in Spain and the Basque Country although with a specific focus on several unique projects. They will provide an introduction to the Exhibition featuring Vehicles Manufactured in the Basque Country that will be attended by the President of the Basque Country.

The show features 10 cars and 9 motorbikes ranging from 1928 until the present. It is a historical collection because never before have so many vintage vehicles been on display at a single venue.

There will be several very unique vehicles such as the Donosti car from "Garaje Internacional" in San Sebastian, dating back to 1928; the "Estancona" model built by Jose Estancona Acha in 1953, in Durango; or the "Triver" frog-model bubble car from 1955 made by Construcciones Acorazadas. The small German GLAS licenced "Goggomobil" car will also be on display.

The DKW van made at the "IMOSA" assembly line pursuant to an agreement signed with the German company AUTO-UNION will also be showcased together with the new Class V by Mercedes Benz. There will also be a number of vintage motorcycles of brands such as LUBRE, ECHASAS, BOAR, LAMBRETTA, VELOSOLEX ORBEA, etc. As regards contemporary electric projects, special mention must be made of the Zacua motorcar and the Nuuk motorbike, both currently in the launching and manufacturing stages.

It will also be possible to see the AURORA project by Iñaki López de Arriortua, the so-called CarMen. Curiously, both the design and functional features still have a modern look about them even though 20 years have elapsed since its initially designed.

There will be more than 250 people at the dinner representing the automotive sector and speeches, music, videos and magic. Moreover, ACICAE-AUTOMOCION 2018 Awards will be given out to separate four categories: OEM/TIER1, Companies based in the Basque Country, Individuals and Media Organisations